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NIC Partners with ZenCity

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and other major developments, NIC is pleased to launch a new partnership with Zencity, based in Tel Aviv. The company's platform is a tool specifically for city and state administrations and their media teams, that collects and analyzes resident discourse in real-time, delivering a comprehensive, quantified picture of communities' pain points and sentiment. Their data-driven insights are being used by administration teams to inform reopening policies and to stay on top of residents' views and concerns, especially the 'silent majority' whose voices often don't reach Mayors, City Councils, County Commissioners and Governors. The Zencity platform is already in use in over 130 U.S. locations, including the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as in North Las Vegas in Southern Nevada. NIC is working with Zencity to expand the company's market here in Nevada to other municipal and state agencies, and also selectively in other U.S. cities where its platform is not currently deployed. #zencity #nevada #covidresponse