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Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development Annual Report 2020: Coverage of Israel

The GOED Annual Report 2020 has just been released by Governor Steve Sisolak and GOED Executive Director Michael Brown to the Nevada State Legislature. It states that:

"To strengthen Nevada-Israel economic cooperation during the period of COVID challenges, GOED began discussions with the Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast – Ministry of Economy and Industry and NIC on signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Israel and Nevada and creating formal agreements with interested institutions in Nevada. Israel Innovation Authority and the Israel – US Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation will provide financial support to pilot and deploy relevant Israeli technologies in the State. These conversations have identified a specific opportunity to create partnerships in transportation, smart mobility, unmanned aircraft systems, and healthcare."

The report can be accessed here and the discussion about Israel-Nevada is on Pages 57-58 of the document (pages 59-60 of the pdf file).

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