NIC works with all sectors, both from Israel and the U.S.

NIC’s overall work is sector agnostic but its strategic focus reflects the areas of activity in which the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada are increasingly the center of industry attention in the U.S. market and in which Israel has demonstrated a particular comparative advantage. Of specific interest is the range of complementary activities relating to smart city and smart mobility & autonomous vehicles, where Israel is now home to the bulk of the R&D efforts of global companies active in this sector. Homeland security (HLS) and cyber-security needs are widespread in these sectors, and in Las Vegas as in all major U.S. cities, and NIC’s partnerships reflect this critical need. The rapid growth of the City of Las Vegas as Sports City USA has, in turn, also created an opportunity to exploit NIC’s Las Vegas base to facilitate connections in a sector in which the Israeli sports-tech vertical has grown rapidly from flying below the radar to becoming a global leader.  

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